29 July 2014

Macadamia Nuts

It's really amazing how the Lord makes things happen to accomplish His will. A month ago, I announced that we were moving to Utah in August. Well, we're already down here and have been working for a week! This is how the Big Guy made that happen so quickly:

A week or so after Kenz decided he wanted to transfer, he dislocated his knee at work. We went to the Dr. and they told him not to work for a week, since his job was pretty physical. We went to Oakley, ID the weekend of the 4th for our family reuionS (believe it or not, we have combined reunions with his Mom's side and Dad's side!). We got back Sunday night, and since he didn't have to work we decided to go down to Salt Lake to look for a place to live. We looked at a bunch of places, but the ones in our price range were less than desirable. We were planning on applying for jobs with a call center doing tech support for Nintendo in Lindon (about 45 min south of downtown), so we decided we should just live in Utah county until he started school. If we were going to live down there, we were going to live in Provo for Google Fiber! After looking around Provo for places to live all day long, the last one we looked at was awesome- 3 bedroom, washer/dryer hookups, and it allowed pets! We both sent in our applications that night.

I love this quote and this printable by my friend
Courtney. You really need to go here and check out
her other free amazing printables!

The next day we went to what we thought was an open interview job fair for Teleperformance (the Nintendo job). They told us that the Nintendo account was actually NOT having the open interviews that day. I called them and they said they didn't have any scheduled, but they'd call me when they did.

After we got home, Mackenzie had another Dr. appointment for his knee. It wasn't improving much, so they scheduled an MRI for the next day. There were 3 possible outcomes: a. he had a torn meniscus and would need minimally invasive surgery; b. he had a torn ligament and would just need tons of therapy; or c. it was just sprained and would heal on its own, but he'd need to take it easy. I'll admit, I had a small freak out thinking about him not being able to work for a month or more! He got a blessing from our awesome friends Jesse and Travis that night saying that he would be able to provide for our family no matter what the outcome was. The next morning he had the MRI and we found out that it was just a sprain! The Dr still wanted him to stay off of it for the weekend, and then it was up to him whether he went back to work or not.

While I was at the hospital with Kenz, I received a call from Teleperformance. They were holding Nintendo open interviews the following Tuesday, and they couldn't do phone interviews. We then had to decide if it was worth it for Kenz to just quit his job that was ending 3 weeks later anyway, or ask for the day off even though he just had almost 2 weeks off because of his injury. We decided it would be best if we could just drive down there and back the next day. We called back and made appointments for our interviews. They also informed us that the building would actually be in SANDY (a suburb of Salt Lake), not Lindon...so living in Provo was out of the question. They also said that the next training class started a week from the following Monday!  I immediately looked online for a place, and found something AMAZING that we'd be able to afford if we were hired! I called the landlords and set up a time to go see it while we were down there. Everything was riding on getting the jobs!

We left Rexburg at 7am, had our interviews, got hired(!), saw the apartment (WHICH WAS PERFECT), and were home by 8! It was crazy, but so relieving to have solid plans! We didn't find out until the next day that we got the apartment, so that was an extremely nerve wracking 24 hours! The only thing we had to do was pack the apartment in a week and move down there!

We absolutely LOVE our place, and the job won't be too bad! One of the biggest blessings is that we will be able to enroll in benefits after only 30 days of employment, so we can finally go to the fertility center that is not far from our house! I'm excited to see what the next year will bring.

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