22 October 2014

Perfect Timing

I'm sure you've all been waiting on the edge of your seats to hear about what's going on with us! ;) Needless to say, it's been a crazy busy few months but I've finally got some time to update.
As I'm sure I mentioned in the last post, we found the most perfect place to live in Sandy and got jobs together and everything. We WERE working for Nintendo through a call center called Teleperformance. We both liked it ok, but I was expecting to get hired on as a French rep instead of English, which made about $4 more per hour. At the end of our 3 week training, they told me that I probably wouldn't be able to move to French for a while. I decided to look for another job and possibly use the offer as leverage to get moved to French. I have always wanted to work for an airline, so I kept checking the Delta website and finally in early August they were hiring! I applied, and after 2 phone interviews and a face to face, I was one of only 50 applicants out of over 3,000 to get hired! I decided that even though the pay wasn't as much as Nintendo French, the experience and benefits would far outweigh that- after all, this is what I got my degree for!
Meanwhile, Kenz decided that he wasn't liking the phone thing as much as he expected, so he decided to look for another job too and applied at Papa John's since we knew he'd be a shoo-in. He was immediately hired as an Assistant Manager, and started out making more money than at Nintendo. His schedule is pretty lame (he works until 12:30 every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night), but it's a lot more flexible than working at a call center, and he feels a lot more confident. A flexible schedule is a must, because of....
My perks at Delta! Mackenzie, my parents, and I get free unlimited flights anywhere in the world that Delta flies! My second weekend of training I flew home to Minneapolis for 31 hours, and it was awesome! My parents have already flown and we are planning a couple of trips in the next month. We have to fly standby, of course, but it's a lot easier than I expected despite my low, low place on the totem pole. I'm in my 4th week, and so far I am absolutely loving it. They do a great job with giving us all of the information we need, and when I finally know everything I'll love it even more! It's also a huge plus to be working alongside intelligent people, unlike at most call centers. I'm planning on working for Delta as long as I can!
Which brings me to..the future. In August, Kenz and I went and saw a reproductive endocronologist (fertility doctor). He told us that we will most likely not be able to have children without medical help, specifically IVF (petri dish baby). It was pretty hard to hear, especially because of the costs (around $15k just for the procedure, not to mention all of the tests and medications required before that). Luckily, my parents have been so blessed with the success of my dad's dental clinic, and they have offered to cover all of the costs of any fertility-related procedures, medications, tests, etc. (Most insurances don't cover any fertility procedures or testing.) Even though my parents have offered to pay for everything, right now we're taking a break. Of course we will keep TTC (infertility speak for trying to conceive) on our own, but it's tempting to just wait on any procedures until Mackenzie finishes school and we relocate and buy a house and get real money, etc.
I'm really appreciating the Lord's timing right now. Even though we want a child, how about we just travel the world first? We really are in the best position for travel with Kenz being out of school until next Fall and not having kids. The possibilities right now are really easing the pain of not getting pregnant. Even if we never have kids, I can just keep working for Delta and traveling the world. 

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  1. Woohoo!!!! I'm so glad that everything is working out, it all happened so fast when you decided to move but the Lord's timing is always the best, even when it's hard to come to terms with. You have so many blessings right now and you both deserve it!!! I'm super jealous of the free flights anywhere, can I be your twin and steal your flight? ;) One of these days when I have a second to breathe I'm going to give you a call so we can catch up!! Miss you and so happy that things are working out :)