28 June 2014

Big Changes!

So, exactly five days ago Mackenzie told me that he no longer wanted to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. The next day he decided he wanted to study Petroleum Engineering. The day after that we decided that instead of going to school in Butte, Montana to study PE, he would transfer to either the University of Utah or University of Minnesota to study Chemical Engineering, which he could use in a career as a Petroleum Engineer. We prayed about it, he got a blessing from our home teachers, and today we went to the temple to make sure we'd received our answer.

 We're moving to Salt Lake City in August!

 The plan right now is for Kenz to work for a year so that we can get residency for instate tuition, which is about $13k less than out of state so that's nice! There are tons of jobs available for both of us down there, and lots of sweet housing options! We are really excited, but will miss our friends here in Rexburg as well as the rugged beauty of Idaho. Good thing we'll only be a few hours away!

 Needless to say, I'm pretty excited to be living so close to Anthropologie, Trader Joe's, World Market, H&M, and don't even talk about all the great restaurants! The only thing I'm NOT excited for is packing up! 

We're both looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. Cheers to the future!

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  1. Wooo! So exciting! Way happy for you guys. We'll hafta get togetha.