22 December 2013

So Close I Can Taste It!

Christmas is SO CLOSE!

Right now I am at work helping Quebecois fix their Playstations. Today I was scheduled for a 10.5 hour shift, but one of my coworkers switched with me and now I only have to work 8! Sweet. Yesterday was the first day that I worked as part of the French team, and I was expecting to start taking calls in French but it turns out that we were actually scheduled to take English calls for one more week. Well today I got to work and there were a ton of people calling and so they needed me and Daniel (other kid from my training class) to start taking French calls! I was going to listen a little bit more to calls that other people took, but I got thrown in and that's how I like it actually. I'm understanding about 60-80% of what people are saying, which is good because they do NOT speak the French that I learned! Freaking Canadians. But things are going well and I only have 2.5 more hours left in my shift and then Christmas will commence! I have Monday and Tuesday off and then I have to work Wednesday from 7-3:30, so Kenz and I are celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve.

I haven't decided yet if we'll open presents Tuesday morning or afternoon. We are going to go to this really awesome fancyish restaurant in Idaho Falls called Jakers, where we will feast upon all you can eat snow crab legs, mmmm. Then we will probably go see a movie because what else are we going to do? And look at Christmas lights. Christmas night we will hang out with our good friends the Ethingtons, eat a huge turkey and play games. I can't wait! I also don't work until 10am the next week so we can stay up late. Christmas this year is going to be different, but I'm pretty excited to have a chill holiday with just Kenzie et moi. (and I get to open all my presents a day earlier!)

I have this thing where I hate it when people tell me what to do or where my choice to do something is taken away. Thus, I will always hate having a job. I don't hate WORKING, I just hate having a job I need to go to and really don't have any choice to attend or not. I enjoy WORK when it involves cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, etc. I am so blessed that Mackenzie will have a career which will allow me to stay home and do those things! Although if we aren't able to have any children, I hope that I'll be able to get a career that I enjoy. The point of this is, being at work and working on Sundays and on Christmas is stupid! But necessary. I will work for the next year or two while Kenz goes to school, and then he can work for the rest of our lives while I stay home!

Anyway, I wish I could put some pictures on here but I can't use my phone here to email any to me. I'll be sure to post some of Christmas :)

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