28 December 2013

Je ne peux plus parler anglais!

This is the most depressing time of year- the time between Christmas and New Year's! Our first Christmas alone together was actually not bad! On Christmas Eve we went to Idaho Falls and saw Anchorman 2, which was funnier than I expected. After that we swung over to Target to see what was on sale! Lucky for me, the owl salt and pepper shakers that I'd seen on Black Friday were there! Kenzie tried to buy them for me for 12 days of Christmas but they were sold out. I'm so excited about them! Pics to follow because I'm at work now. After Target we went to dinner at Jakers, where I ate so many snow crab legs that I was sick! It was awesome. And they had delicious scones. I'd go there again for the scones :) When we got home from dinner, we opened all of our presents. We were so spoiled/blessed! Some of the things I got were an owl lamp, a cute shirt from anthro, a chevron neck pillow, sequined leopard moccasins, and the big surprise from kenzie was a SILHOUETTE CAMEO! FYI that's a cutting machine that is WAY better than a Cricut :) You don't have to buy cartridges, and you can transport any image that you find online! So awesome. I can't wait to make some awesome creations with it! So thoughtful and sweet of him. He did good this year. Christmas morning I wasn't feeling well, so I called in sick to work. If I would have known, we could've opened our presents on Christmas morning like regular people! But it's ok, we slept in and everything was way chill. We spent the day lounging, and cooking! Harry and Katie Ethington came over for dinner and we ate a delicious turkey with all the fixins and pumpkin pie. After that we played a couple games of Dominion. It was a great Christmas night! Thursday (the 26th) I went to work from 10-6 and it was so busy, it went by SUPER fast AND I can speak French again! It was hard for me to switch back to English when I went home, and I kept "franglais-ing." Luckily Kenz still understood me! Yesterday we had another fun day and went to Idaho Falls to scour the sales. I got a dress from Downeast for Christmas that was too short, so I returned it for store credit and got a super cute blouse and 3 pairs of earrings! I also hit up Michael's and BBW, where I got some body wash from my favorite scent this year, Rome Honeysuckle Amore. They should totally bring it back! Then we scored at Porter's with some black and white Silhouette brand vinyl for only $5 per role (9" x 10ft). We ate lunch at Red Robin with some gift cards from mom and dad, AND dinner at Cafe Rio for free with our vouchers because we didn't know we'd be there so long! We rounded out the night back at Target, of course, where I scored some great stuff like a cute jar with chalkboard label and gold lid, a lamp shade for my new lamp, and a cute bone-shaped red with white polka dotted mat on which to put Brucey's food bowls. And I only spent $30! Sales are amazing. I am totally loving my little life right now. Mackenzie and Bruce are the greatest little family I could ever hope for. Even though we don't have a baby yet, I am learning to be happy with things the way they are and to live in the moment. There are so many things we can do that we couldn't otherwise if we had kids. I love my Heavenly Father and I'm so grateful for all He has blessed me with and continues to bless me with. Life is beautiful!

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