04 December 2013


No, I didn't get to go home to Minnesota and see this light parade in the freezing air. But the holidays are upon us! This year has been and will be pretty weird for us. We weren't able to go out of town for Thanksgiving or Christmas because of our jobs, so we've got the holidays all to ourselves! I actually have to work ON Christmas, so that sucks. But if you need help with your Playstation then I'm here for ya!

This month has been great and BUSY! For Thanksgiving we got together with a few other couples and I made 5 pies! Including one with a chevron top and one with a ruffled top. Behold:

The 27th was our THIRD anniversary! So crazy. It was an amazing night! My sweet Mackenzie got me some body spray and a fragrance bulb for my Wallflower. After I got off of work, we went down to Pocatello and had some all you can eat Sushi! Then we came back home and Kenz was sweet enough to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with me :) We rounded out the weekend with Black Friday shopping on Thursday night and a trip to the temple on Saturday. I love this man!!

Of course, the first thing I wanted to do after Thanksgiving was set up our Christmas tree! We decided to do it while watching every Christmas episode of The Office. It was glorious and hilarious. I got a ton of supercute new ornaments this year! I love the glass ones. I got a nutcracker, a few owls, a hot air balloon, and some other ones. I love our tree! This is our 3rd Christmas with it.

Bruce still hates the nativities! Haha. He barks and growls at them all day long. He's so protective of us! He thinks they're people who have come to hurt us :)

Awesome Black Friday find! We bought our first brand new vacuum. It's not a Dyson, but I love it! Plus it's bag-less. The next one we buy will be a Dyson, hopefully not for about 10 years.

That's our life right now! I'm working 40 hours a week in Idaho Falls doing tech support for Playstation in French, which is pretty great. Plus we got a free PS3! Kenz finally started working this week doing snow removal on campus. So far he's gotten 6 hours of sleep in the past 3 days, but the bills will be paid! Thank goodness :) This life we have is pretty great.


  1. DOOOD! Your job sounds great, how is it??wow!

  2. Cute blog :) You two are awesome! Love you! And PS those pies look amazing.