29 March 2013

Where Did March Go?

Well, it's time to make my resolution mean something since I obviously have been having a hard time updating!

Last week we went on a little trip to Rexburg to look at apartments and Salt Lake to see family and friends. There are only 3 places we can live with a dog, but we really liked one of them so we are on a waiting list and hopefully we'll be able to live there. It's right across the street from the temple/campus and it's older but it's pretty big and super cheap!

We also went on a tour of Paul Mitchell and I had an interview. They really want me to go there and i do too, so we'll see how things go this summer.

After Rexburg we went to UT and saw The Perrys and the Felts and the Goudies and Grandma and Grandpa Lanier and went to Annie's reception and stayed with Kaelynn and Jason. I miss everybody down there but I'm glad we're not living the Provo life anymore.

Monday we went and checked out the new mall downtown, City Creek. H&M and Anthro were right next to each other and I was in heaven! I bought a top at H&M that I saw a month ago for $36, but was now only $7.50 and they only had one left and it was my size! Black lace peplum. Love it! I also got a couple things at anthro- every time I go I buy a couple of decor items, so maybe in 20 years my house will look like anthropologie :)

There were so many places we had to eat at! I was full the entire trip. Of course I didn't get any pictures with friends, just food! Haha.

Kenz and I decided on the top 3 moments of the trip:

1. Giving a bag of cookies to a homeless guy and totally making his day
2. Kenz speaking French to a Belge exchange student
3. Grandpa Jerry telling a crazy story about when he was 8.

I never thought I'd be saying this but I'm excited to move to rexburg! Especially to be in a married student ward again. And I get to redecorate! Haha :)

Stopping at Dick's Hamburgers in Spokane, the dish towels I got at anthro, heaven, In-N-Out, delicious rare steak from Tucano's, and Kenz and I at Sushi Ya.

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