03 March 2013

Busy Busy!

I almost missed 2 weeks! Saturday night at 11pm, close one!

I haven't done much the last couple of weeks besides work! Last week I worked 20 hours and this week was 25. I really like my new job, especially working alone all day.

On Thursday the 21st we went to Spokane and had dinner with our friends the Hills. They were in our married ward in Provo and now they're going to Eastern for physical therapy like Kenzie wants to. It was a lot of fun catching up!

This Thursday Kenzie and I went to the temple in Tri Cities and Kenzie surprised me with a brand new 32g iPad 4 and PF Chang's for my bday! It was a great night.

Today I had a birthday luncheon with a few of my friends at the restaurant I work at, Michael's on the Lake. It was a ton of fun and my great friends gave me some really sweet gifts. Tomorrow is the first day of my 27th year. I'm finally feeling old!

Earrings I made for all my friends who came to my party!

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