15 February 2013

I Heart It

A quick post about my fantastic valentine's day. When we woke up I gave Kenz his gift (a screen protector for his iPod and a Nintendo DS organizer/caddy thing) and he loved it. After I got out of the shower I found a box of chocolates in my underwear drawer and then another one on top of my shoes :) Before I left for work, he called and told me that Doug (our landlord) had asked us to go check something in their kitchen. I went to the kitchen and found a beautiful bouquet of roses and daisies. So sneaky, that Mackenzie! I also found some chocolate in my car :) After work I got ready and we went to a great dinner at the restaurant I work at, Michael's on the Lake. (I tried something different with my hair and it didn't look very good so I just put it up, and didn't get any pictures of us. After dinner we went and got frozen yogurt at blue palm, then went home and Kenz surprised me again and we watched the Perks of Being a Wallflower- he rented it for us. It was a fantastic day and I have to say I had the best Valentine in the world :)

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