09 January 2013

2013 Yeah!

I have renewed my New Year's "Goal" from last year to blog at least once a week this year. I already failed last week, so let's say I'm starting now :)

I'm still at my parents' house until the 18th watching Kellen and Hayden while Mom and Dad are on a 2 week Hawaiian cruise. I hope that by the time we're in our late 40s Kenz and I will be able to go on vacations. Who knows what the economy will be like by then! Or if there even will be an economy...I don't like neither thinking nor talking about those fiscal doomsday things though, so I'll stop and hope for the best!

Christmas break was tons of fun. Kenz and I got here on the 18th, then my Dad went to Utah for a couple of days that weekend because my Step Grandma died suddenly and he wanted to attend her funeral. It's kinda weird but I'm not really sad because of the knowledge I have of the Plan of Salvation and that she is no longer suffering (she had a stroke almost 10 years ago and was paralyzed on one side of her body).

Christmas came and went much too quickly! Christmas Eve we had Carson, Lauren, and the missionaries over. My mom and I made WAY too many cookies and we ate prime rib and played Catch Phrase before Skyping with Ethan on their new TV. It was fun talking to him; I really miss my brother! If you want to know what he's been up to in Singapore, I'm upkeeping a blog for him here. Cars and Lauren opened all their presents that night because they were cat sitting for someone they found on Craigslist and couldn't sleep over, then were going to Lauren's family's the next day. I really like Lauren. Carson found a good one!

Christmas morning was full of surprises as Kenz opened his 5th gen iPod touch I'd been keeping a secret since OCTOBER, and Kellen and Hayden got iPhone 4S's. We were definitely spoiled! In a strange twist of events, I now have the crappiest iPhone in my family ;) I got a bunch of "little" stuff including bubble necklaces, clothes, more Coach Poppy Flower perfume and lotion, a Cath Kidston iPhone case, and a ton of other great stuff. Another part of Kenz's present was that my parents added him to their phone plan, and subsequently bought him an iPhone 4 because it was only 99 cents! So now he has a brand new iPod and an iPhone and he insists on carrying both around at all times (Hayden calls them along with his Nintendo 3DS his 'precious materials' haha). We went out to eat several times as is customary. We ate at Buca di Beppo (Kenz's favorite) and our favorite sushi place Kyoto and Kami Hibachi grill and some other places I can't remember. We also went and saw Les Mis and The Hobbit.

A neat gift my parents gave Kenz and I was a date night package with a gift card to Chino Latino downtown, AMC gift card, and romantic night at the Radisson in Roseville. The room came with chocolates and champagne (which we left for the housekeepers haha) and a little massage lotion and massager thing, and a sleep number bed! The bed wasn't that comfy but we had fun messing around with the settings and making it feel like we were falling and sinking into a pit of bed. It was great to go on a real date before my hunny left!

Kenz left on the 31st and I miss him so much! He had to/got to spend New Year's AND his 25th birthday alone because his fam was out of town. I feel so bad and miss him so much!

Since the 'rents left, I've gone bowling with some friends and hung out with Alyssa a few times (we're getting ready to go to the MOA right now) and Kellen and I had an awesome day on Saturday going to the Outlets at Albertville and scoring some great buys, then eating at Kyoto. He's an awesome kid.

Here is a list of my goals for this year. I will hopefully not need to post so much next week!

AMAZING new XXI at the Mall of America!
I was completely blown away!


Blurry Besties after a day at the Outlets!

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