04 December 2012

Christmas time is here!

November went by wayyyy too fast! Once again, There are too many things to write about so here are some lovely pictures with captions:

For our 2nd anniversary on the 27th, we went to Red Robin
and the temple. We went Christmas (supply) shopping,
and splurged on a mile high mud pie for dessert!

Kenz let me pick out these three candles from Bath & Body Works 
for my anniversary gift. The middle one, Cinnamon Frosting, is 
my absolute favorite! 

I can't believe it's been 2 years! 

Just my Brucey being a little cutie. His fumanchu is a result
of drinking water.

Monogrammed wreath I made for our front door 

My new ornament for the year! All I can say is, if Walmart's Christmas 
stuff is this cute, I can't even imagine what they've got at Target! 

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