05 November 2012

What's the haps, chaps?

The last couple of weeks have flown by! It's November, so that means I need to talk about Halloween and our upcoming anniversary festivities. Pictures help me remember what happened so here we go-

On the 27th we had a halloween party for our primary kids (ages 10-11)
at our place. It was a lot of fun! Unfortunately the only picture I took
was this one of the eyeball cake pops I made. We did bobbing for apples,
eat the donut on the string, the put your hand in the box and feel the "body
parts" thing, and read a few scary stories around the fire pit. We also 
got 4 XL pizzas and the 11 kids at it ALL! Primary is challenging, but 
our kids are fun and we enjoyed hanging out with them.


Something ridiculous? Mackenzie and I filled out our ballots A WEEK AGO
and have not turned them in yet! Don't worry, we're doing it today :) 
Too bad all the flaming liberals on the west side will cancel our votes...

On Saturday the 3rd I did my first ever craft fair. I only sold a few things,
but I was definitely not prepared because I stayed up until 3AM
the night before finishing my stuff! And I didn't even finish the main
items I wanted to sell. And Mackenzie, bless his heart, stayed up till 3 with me
and SEWED MY STUFF for me! He is amazing. I'm still not sure if I want 
 to sell my stuff, but I'm planning on doing another show in a couple of 
weeks with my products improved and some other things to see how
it goes. Mass production kind of takes the fun out of crafting for me. 

I finally made my first pumpkin roll of the season! LOVE these 
things and if you served with me in Paris then you know
how much I also love making them :)

Something amazing: Bruce sitting on my brother in law Coltin's
lap and not jumping off! He once peed in this kid's 
flip flop and didn't even get any pee on the floor.
It was purely out of spite. But now our cousin Austin
is living with the Morrisons, so there's a new 
enemy in town for Bruce...;)

This weekend we are celebrating our anniversary by going to a concert called Video Games Live. It's a live orchestra playing video games music. I'll post all about it next week! 

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