22 October 2012

The Week in Pictures

I've decided for today's update to show my week in pictures.

Little by little, Bruce has been chewing a hole in his cage 
and plotting his escape. By the end of the week, he could stick 
his entire neck out of that hole. We need to invest in a hardcore 
metal crate. Then again, if he would stop pooping in the house
 we would let him roam free!

About a month ago, I cam across one of those facebook deals
that lead me to an Amazon store from China with cute 
little accessories like this owl ring, for only 75 cents
with free shipping! I only bought 3, but I wish I would've bought
like 234! I wasn't sure how the quality would be. 

I absolutely LOVE this candle.  I want to burn it all year long,
but it just wouldn't be right because it's such a fall scent! Totally
a great investment for the 3-wick.

I have been searching for the perfect hairspray for at least my entire life. 
I have tried $3 drugstore sprays, $18 salon sprays, and everything in between. 
(Including Tresemme Tres Two) When my second can of Bed Head stuff
ran out last week, I decided that I no longer could afford to pay $17 
for a spray that I wasn't 100% pleased with. I went to Walmart (shudder)
and while in the hair products section I did a quick Google search 
for "best drugstore hairsprays." Aussie Instant Freeze came up, 
and I was a little afraid that it would smell like Sprunch Spray
and in turn smell like I did in junior high. But it doesn't smell like
Sprunch Spray, and it is AMAZING. It held my style ALL DAY and
my bangs didn't get piecey and separate. I'm totally in love, and 
now Kenz can't yell at me for spending more on hairspray than
we do on groceries :)

My outfit for church yesterday:

Dress, DownEast; leggings, Target; Boots, Urban Outfitters; 
Mint stone earrings (my favorite!), H&M. Handbag, Longchamp.

 My "October" playlist- what I'm listening to lately!

Have a great week!!


  1. I love this post :) especially the playlist. Ive been in the markwt for a good one. Thanks!

  2. Loved the pics! And the cute ring :)

  3. Awww, I love the puppy poking her head out the hole in her kennel! So dang cute. Little rugrat!


  4. I am definitely going to get some of that hair spray. thanks for the tip!