15 October 2012


This past week has been great, and this next one will be even better!

I made THREE new friends, doubling my friend pool that took me a year to build up in just a few days!

I also saw TWO movies: Pitch Perfect (HILARIOUS) and Kenz and I took my brother in law (he's 13) to see Here Comes the Boom. It was entertaining.

I ate ONE pie shake from Shari's, and did it with some great company.

This week I've got some lunch dates with my new friends, and Kenz and I are going to Spokane on Thursday to go to the temple and so that I can get THIS dress:

For our anniversary in November, we're going to a concert called Video Games Live. It's an orchestra that plays video game music. I'm so excited for Kenz to experience it! It's kind of fancy, so I'm going to wear this dress with black leggings and black boots. I'm excited for the outfit haha.

Current obsession: my sailor blue bubble necklace from Scarlet Smith & Co. I seriously get compliments on it everywhere I go, and why wouldn't I? It makes any outfit amazing. Today I'm just wearing this turquoise Perfect Tee from J.Crew with skinnies and gold ballet flats, and I think it looks super stylish. I want one in every color! I found a website that sells them in bulk and my mom and I are gonna go in together on a set of 12 for $60. Love it!!


  1. Cute dress!! That concert sounds awesome!!


  2. LOVE the necklace! I'll be watching for a necklace like it on your mom!

  3. I'll vouch for the gorgeousness of the necklace!I'm proud to say I got to see it in real life :) Wow, so much has happened since I saw you justa few days go. You're not allowed to have so much fun without me :) just kidding. Glad things are going well and it's fun to hear your update. You're a grat friend, even on my really crazy days. ahem... last Thursday :)
    Love ya!

  4. Such a cute necklace! Where did you get them in bulk?