08 October 2012

General Conference Weekend

Can I just say that I love conference*? It just seems to go by too fast. I really appreciated Elder Holland's and Elder Hales' talks especially, because we are studying the New Testament in institute right now. (Have I mentioned that I'm taking a free institute class for BYU credit?) Elder Holland's talk was of course my favorite, as he is an awesome speaker and if you've ever served a mission, Elder Holland is probably your favorite apostle. I really want to make a printable of this quote from his talk:

"Your Heavenly Father expects your love and your loyalty at every stage in your life."

 I love that because especially after coming home from a mission, you expect everything to be so easy and so obvious like it is on your mission, but it's totally not. I have struggled to read my scriptures for the almost 3 years since I got back. One point I always emphasize is that you cannot do this great thing in your life and serve a mission, and then come back and expect to be able to coast along for a bit. Yes, you did this great thing, but you need to continue to do great things and be a good person and better yourself.

I also really loved Elder Eyring's talk and the fact that God is never hidden from us, but that we are sometimes hidden from him. I always love talks about trials and enduring to the end. 

Anyway, I am super stoked about the mission age changing, mostly for girls. I know a ton of awesome gals who are now getting ready to start on their papers, 2 years earlier than they expected! This will definitely get a lot more sisters out there in the field. And I know from first hand experience that there are so many doors that sisters can get into that elders can't. It's awesome news and I'm looking forward to speaking to some of the laurels in our stake about preparing to serve in 1-3 years!

Life is good. I have no complaints!

*For those of you reading this who don't know, twice per year the LDS church has a church-wide conference that is televised throughout the world. We hear messages of hope and inspiration and instruction from church leaders. For more information or to hear some of these messages, click here.

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  1. I also LOVED conference and say a big, fat "AMEN" to everything you just wrote!

    Love you Ali.