28 September 2012

Le libre arbitre

I don't even want to comment on how long it's been (just did). In a nutshell, we went to MN for 2.5 weeks and it was great; got a new car; Kenz started school; and I've been busy getting ready for a craft booth I'm doing with a few friends in October and November. Life is good!

My subject is French for "free agency." It's one of the greatest gifts God has given us- the ability to make our own choices. Free agency is so sacred to Him that He does not interfere with it to protect people from the consequences of others.

I'm talking about free agency because I've been thinking a lot about the quote by President Monson: "choose your love; love your choice." One difficult aspect of marriage is that there has been a picture in your head about how it will be since you could understand the concept of romance. When you get there, you realize that marriage is anything BUT glamorous and there is no 24/7 sweep-you-off-your-feet romance involved. It is two people with daily "responsibilities"(as Kenz puts it), coming from 2 different upbringings, trying to make their newly integrated lives run smoothly and still find time for each other. It is minimum wage jobs and full time school and homework and church callings that take our time and attention away from buying flowers and leaving love notes in random places for one another.

Lately, I find myself wondering at times what life would have been like if I chose someone else. Perhaps someone else I had dated, perhaps a mythical Perfect Man who would sweep me off my feet at every opportunity.

I was thinking about this last night while listening to a song that reminded me of some great times I had with an ex boyfriend. The the quote from President Monson came into my head. I CHOSE to marry Mackenzie. I wasn't forced to. I picked him above all others, for better or for worse. And it is my duty to love him no matter what, through all of the mundane everyday activities that are not romantic in the least. I need to love my choice, because I chose him. And to remember that I am capable of making each day special and of reminding him why HE chose ME.


  1. I really love this post. I'm new to the married life but sometimes I find myself thinking, did I do this right? But everytime I remember the beautiful ceremony where John and I were sealed for time and all eternity and the feelings I had there confirm everything. Good quote to Ali, you are one amazing girl.

  2. And when that choice is not made in a vacuum, but surrounded by support from people who love you, and assurances from the Spirit that your choice is good and blessed, then there's a foundation... a trampoline to fall back on and receive the push to get back in flight, back to the business of living your choice with all your heart. Lovely post.

  3. That's really good advice from Pres. Monson. I also like your perspective on being the best you can be so he's happy with his choice since that's something you do have control over. I know it's hard sometimes. Hang in there girl. You're learning really valuable lessons.