12 August 2012

Our Story: Part 1

I've been working on a project involving the signifiant dates in Mackenzie and my courtship, and I realized that we first said "I love you" two years ago tomorrow. I've decided to put our story on here to have as a record, and to share with anyone who
might be interested. This will be a 3 parter, because I'm going to be as detailed as possible before I lose my memory!

Mackenzie and I met in June of 2010 in the BYU 92nd ward. It was NOT love at first sight. Our ward was super close in the summer, so we saw each other at various activities. I didn't take much notice of him. I do remember that he aggravated me with his Catchphrase skills, and he popped a water balloon directly on my head in a water balloon fight one night. We became friends when he invited me to play guitar hero with him.

We ended up cuddling one night while we watched Mulan with a bunch of people, which was nice. But we were both interested in others from our ward. He seemed to be making the rounds taking girls out, and eventually invited me on our first date at the beginning of July. We went ice skating and then to Farr's Fresh for frozen yogurt. While ice skating, we mostly talked about the other people we were interested in, but also realized that we were pretty compatible. Over yogurt, he had me take the Color Personality Test, and told me that I was "exactly what he needed." I was flattered, but not interested. After our date, went and hung out with our respective love interests.

To find out how this unlikely couple came to be, stay tuned for part 2!

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