22 July 2012

Is it summer yet?

Even though it's July 22nd, it doesn't feel like summer! Probably because we haven't gone on vacation yet. But we will in 16 days! I CANNOT wait!! Minnesota bound. We're going to spend a couple days in a condo on Leech Lake, eat sushi and authentic Italian at Buca and Punch and go to Valleyfair and play on the lake and it will be so glorious! Planning trips home makes me want to go and never leave. It's almost depressing because I know it will be so amazing and then it will end and we'll have to come back to Moses Lake.

Here's a picture of a decoration I found at Good Will and then spray painted and decorated with buttons and Pom trim and gave to Korbi for her birthday, I wish I could find more stuff like this to decorate!

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