13 June 2012


I just want everyone to know that Mackenzie is requesting right now that I play "Call Me Maybe" on repeat. Earlier I played "Master of Puppets" and he wasn't a fan :) Spotify is good.

This week I've been preparing to move into our new apartment! I bought some paint and primer and am going to redo a dresser and side table we got last week. So excited! I've been perusing Pinterest quite a bit and lusting after projects to do. I found an AMAZING one that I can't wait to do with an old suitcase that I got. I'll post the link at the bottom so you all can do it too!
Today is a beautiful day and Mackenzie doesn't have school and doesn't have work until 5, so we are trying to decide what to do. Go to the pool? Work on the dresser together? Just sit around? The world is our oyster.

Anyway, when I'm done with the re-do's I'll post before and after pictures.

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  1. Ali I love all your little crafts. Love love love.