08 May 2012

I love Spring!

Spring is fabulous. Spring in Paris is even better. 3 springs ago I was in Versailles, admiring the hydrangeas everywhere and speaking French like a boss. It was great. 2 springs ago I was enjoying the warm Provo weather and looking forward to an awesome single summer. I hung out with Sarah every day and it was awesome. Last spring Mackenzie and I left for Alaska, went back to winter, and then enjoyed an amazing spring with all of the greenery coming out for a couple of weeks before summer started. This spring I've been wearing shorts, crafting, taking Bruce for walks, and making pizzas. Life is good.

Soeurs Fischer-Laudenbach, Roberts, Herway, Giblette, Huzu, & Selee
aux Jardins de Luxembourg, Paris- Spring 2009

Sarah, Susan, and I at Guru's in Provo- Spring 2010

 Kenz and I on a hike in AK- Spring 2011

Love my hubs!- Spring 2012

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