30 April 2012

Getting My Craft On

So, I have really been craftin' it up lately! I blame the beautiful Spring weather for me wanting some Spring decor. So here are some pics of the lovely things I've been making this past month.

Here is a super cute tunic I saw at DownEast, but it was $30. I couldn't justify 
spending that much on something that looked so simple to make.
So, I studied it and then made my own version:

I had a Visiting Teaching luncheon at my place, and made these silverware
holders out of mason jars, and spray painted a square with 
chalkboard paint and wrote everybody's name on them. 
Very functional as place holders/silverware display/drinking glasses.

Mackenzie and I are going to Minnesota in August! We are setting 
aside $50/week, so of course I had to make this cute jar
with the shape of MN on it to hold our monies :)

My mission "mom" AND "daughter" (trainer and trainee) both had their 
birthday on April 22, so I made them these pillow cases with 
fabric that I got from Paris on the back (you can't see it). 

As I learned from my amazing roommate Annie Gehmlich, you
can never have too many pillows on your bed. I made these quick no-sew
covers out of the flat sheet that came with our bed in a bag.

I originally bought this fabric to make another tunic, but I decided 
to make a skirt with it. I made the whole thing while watching The Help,
then wore it to the temple that day.

I cut out about 100 hexagons and just ironed them on 
to a piece of white fabric to make this bird-themed table runner. 
(Also shown is my cute table display which I'm very proud of)

Finally, my super cute door wreath that I MADE UP MYSELF. I of 
course used elements from different wreaths I'd found on Pinterest, but
the overall design was MY OWN. That's nearly a first.

If anyone is interested in making their own versions of these things or paying me to make one for you, let me know! And if you have a birthday or other special event coming up and I know about it, you might just find something in your mailbox...

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