01 March 2012

Birthday Week

So, Kenz and I like to celebrate. We like to go out to eat and we like to buy things. My birthday is on Saturday, so it's pretty much my Birthday Week. He has to work on Saturday night until 7 or 8. Yesterday he was randomly given the day off of work, so I wanted to do something fun. He thought he had to study because he thought he had a test today, but he found out that it's not until Monday! So we went to Spokane. Because I love Spokane. And even though I went to Tri-Cities with Jill last Saturday and am going AGAIN with her tomorrow, Spokane is just so much better. They have Forever 21 there, for starters.

I told my parents that I just wanted some cash, so I called them on our way out of town and told them we were going to Spokane and it would be helpful if I had some mullah. So they decided on an amount and transferred it into my account (a plus of having a joint acct with my parents because I opened it when I was 15). And we went to the mall and I bought some really awesome things. Observe:

A red dog blouse from Old Navy that I've been looking for EVERYWHERE (Wenatchee, Kennewick, Spokane); a cute sequined oversized shirt from Down East; Coach Poppy Flower perfume (SO yummy); some socks, earrings, and a necklace from XXI; and a little bucket (clearance) and some fabric from  Hobby Lobby. I bought the fabric because I found these SUPER cute tunics at Down East that were $30 each, and can be easily made in under an hour by me. I'll post pictures when I'm done. 

We went to Red Robin for dinner and it was delicious, as always. Birthday tradition since 2005 amongst my friends (who I also dreamed about last night- a possibly side effect of the Mile High Mudd Pie). 

As I mentioned before, Jill and I went to the temple on Saturday and it was great! She's an awesome friend and I'm SO lucky to have her. We're cute:

I went to the LDS Employment Offices today and they helped me set up a profile on the site. Wish me luck with the job search!

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  1. Yay for your birthday. What about pictures of you all playing Just Dance? Or whatever that game is. I can't wait to see you again. Glad all is well.