24 February 2012

Patience is Hard

I really, really, really, really, REALLY need a job. I have been looking and applying and NOTHING is panning out. It's especially difficult because I'm living in a place I'm not fond of, and now there are no jobs to be had which makes me even less fond of it. And in order to escape the place I'm living, I need some extra money so we can go do fun stuff in faraway places, like Seattle. We are doing fine right now financially, but once April rolls around, we will have to start paying our rent and car insurance again. Also, we're not going back to work in Alaska this summer so I need to find a job SO badly. Mackenzie is taking 20 credits next term, so working 35 hours a week will not be good for him.

We went to the temple last week and I wanted to know if it was time for me to get pregnant yet. I received the answer that it's not, so that makes things even more frustrating because I am just sitting around doing nothing every day. I'm doing service by putting most of my time and effort into Young Women's, but service doesn't feel like enough when we've got bills to pay. It's frustrating because we are doing everything right, but the blessings we need don't seem to be coming. It's hard waiting for them.

I have faith that things will work out, but it's hard waiting and wondering if I'm doing enough when what we need is so urgent. Patience is hard.

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