19 February 2012

Back in the Swing

I am ashamed to be falling behind on my new year's resolution! My one resolution was to update my blog at least once a week, and I have failed. At least I've updated it more than last year!

I've really enjoyed being back home. I really enjoyed being in MN and having the civilization at hand, but I really missed Kenz and even Gracie. I got home Tuesday (Valentine's Day) and Kenz had class till 6:30, but it took me 3.5 hrs to clean up our place anyway haha. He brought me roses and chocolates and we decided to go to dinner at Perkins, but there was a 30 minute wait! This town's really gotta get some more restaurants. We decided to just go to Safeway and get a giant sub and some Sun Chips. We came home to eat it and watched I Hate Valentine's Day on Netflix. It was pretty dumb, but Kenz was glad that I didn't make him watch Breaking Dawn! It was a good day and I'm glad to be home with my sweetheart.

Thursday was when we had our "real" vday celebration. We went to Tri-Cities and did an endowment session, then to PF Changs and our usual Costco/Hobby Lobby run. I bought about 40 new pieces of fabric while I was at home, so I didn't get any at "Hob Lobs"- I'm about fabricked out! Now I need to get going on some projects :)

This week I'm focusing on YW New Beginnings Wednesday, finishing Mockingjay, and finding a job. Wish me luck!!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from our sealing that Alyssa did a fabulous job on! 


  1. Your photos are awesome! The two of you look so happy. I'm kind of bummed that you decided to get sealed in Minnesota, instead of Draper, since I couldn't be there. I can't understand why you think it's more important to have your family there..... (jk)

    I'm really happy for you two!

  2. You need to post more often! <3 Sending love your way all the way from Denmark.