17 January 2012

The Spirit World

I just woke up from an AMAZING dream about the afterlife. For those of you not familiar with what we (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) believe about the afterlife, the Spirit World is the place where we will wait until we are risen from the dead just as Christ was and we receive our bodies again.

I had a dream that I had died and was in this "state of rest," as the scriptures call it. I was a missionary again, and my daily activities included gardening, reading the scriptures, doing other acts of service for people, and sharing the gospel just as I did on my 18 month mission to France. I missed my family terribly, but I felt peaceful and was happy with the work I was doing. I was reunited with friends and family members who had died, and I felt so much joy and peace; all that was missing was my family.

One thing I liked about it was that the Spirit World looked just like our Earth; there was dirt and trees and clouds and it was always sunny.

I just wanted to share this dream because I woke up really happy and peaceful. I know that God our Heavenly Father loves us, and that even if it's nothing like my dream, he has prepared a place for us to rest after this life. He loves us and wants more than anything for us to be happy.

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