13 January 2012

13 Things

I'm feeling pretty lazy blog-wise today (and otherwise- who am I kidding?) so I thought I'd put 13 things I'm thinking or feeling or doing because it's the 13th.

1. Most everyone knows, but we are getting sealed in Minnesota on the 28th of this month!
2. My mom wanted to do another "little" open house for us afterward but I just want to go to a hibachi grill with the family
3. Ironically coming after talking about the sealing, I'd like to say that marriage is hard. Merging families is hard.
4. Yesterday I wanted to flush our fish down the toilet and eat our dog (so that the animal rights people wouldn't find out that we just abandoned her/left her for dead somewhere)
5. I made the best chocolate chip cookies ever- recipe here
6. I just got called as the Beehives Assistant Adviser and it's pretty great
7. Our uncomfortable futon has been broken since Christmas and we have been sleeping on our uncomfortable air mattress
8. In the past 3 nights, I have dreamed about brain surgery, death, sex, and Texas
9. Last Saturday I went to Costco at 6:23 but they closed at 6:00 :( I wanted to say, "I live really far away!!" But I didn't because they wouldn't care.
10. Mackenzie and I finished The Hunger Games yesterday and it's amazing. Can't wait to start Catching Fire!
11. When I posted about our sealing on Facebook on Wednesday, my mom did too, and we said it was in St. Paul and Facebook did the grouping post thing and grouped us with some other posts about RON Paul. I did NOT post about Ron Paul.
12. I started going to Institute with Kenz and he has a class right before, so I go to the gym and work out and then shower in the locker room. It's not the MTC so they have "tree of life" showers. So far I am 2 for 2 on people not seeing me naked.
13. I would use our whole apartment as a craft room if I could.

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  1. i CANNOT agree with number 3 more.. we're in this together sister. hit me up and i'd love to chat