07 November 2011

Oops, skipped October :-/

We're finally getting settled in here in Moses Lake. I got our apartment unpacked and all decorated the day after we moved in, yay! The faster it gets done, the less I'll have to stress about. Walmart is the only place to shop around here and I hate it, yet I go there every day. On the plus side, EVERYBODY in ML goes to Walmart every day, so it's not only the "people of Walmart" who go. Kenz got his old job back delivering pizza at Papa John's, and I just submitted my application to be a substitute bus driver for the ML School District. We're keeping our fingers crossed that I get it! Cause there aren't a lot of other job opportunities around here. We went on a month long vacation to Utah and Colorado to see friends and family and get my car back from Ethan, and we HATED being gone for so long! Especially mooching off of everyone we know (THANK YOU!!) It's great to be home and starting to get (back) into a routine. I'm beginning to miss Alaska so that's good since we're planning on going back next summer. Mackenzie's brother Tyler gets home from his mission in California in 8 days. So weird, I'm kinda nervous to finally meet him! Anyway, life is good and I'm slowly but surely adjusting to the move to a town the size of my suburb.

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