26 September 2011

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

So we finally made it back to the Lower 48! We arrived in Seattle Thursday morning at 5am. I was so tired that I randomly started crying and could not tie my shoes (unrelated). I'd been up for over 36 hours and traveling for about 20 of those hours- 6 hour shuttle driving shift, 2 hour drive to Fairbanks, 2 hour ride back from Fairbanks, 5 hour ride to Anchorage, and 3 hour flight from Ted Stevens to Sea-Tac. Needless to say, I was disfunctional. We decided instead of sitting around at the airport for another 6 hours to wait for the shuttle to pick us up for a 2.5 hour bus ride to Ellensburg and then another hour back to Moses Lake, we would just get a motel room and stay in Seattle for the night and take the 11am shuttle the next morning. We got a cheap little motel (The Jet Motel, RIGHT across from the airport- it was only $60/night and the bed was hard, but the A/C worked and it was clean!), slept for 7 hours, cleaned up our disgusting traveling bodies, took the light rail downtown, ate sushis at Benihana, came home, and slept for another 7 hours. It was awesome.

This week we are just trying to find an apartment and car insurance, getting stuff put together, and packing to head out to our month long Utah dream vacation on Friday.

A few noteable pics:

Don't mind the crazy hair, this is in the morning. This photo is to show that Kenz trimmed his beard and hair! THIS is the man I married haha

The southern view of Mount McKinley from McKinley State Park on our way down to Anchorage the day we left! Beautiful.

We're going to submit this to Epic Fail.


  1. Welcome Home! KENZ- THE BEARD IS WAY BETTER! xoxoxox
    Love you guys.

  2. Agreed. Trimmed Beard = Much Better.

    Can't wait to hang out with you guys! :)