19 July 2011

Top 10/Bottom 10

I'm waiting for Kenz to get home from work and just felt like making a list of 10 things I love right now and 10 things I'm not too fond of (most of these will be work related and you will probably not understand unless you're a HAP bus driver). I like to keep things positive, so I'll start out with my Bottom 10. (This blog post is inspired by Strongbad's Bottom 10, which I have posted for your enjoyment here)

10. When the ice machine in the EDR is out of ice
9. When dinner at the EDR is gross
8. Having to wash my hair, ever.
7. Mackenzie throwing his clothes all over the room right after I clean
6. Rainy days
5. Missing breakfast because I want to sleep in
4. Not getting tips
3. Handling other peoples' luggage
2. Mackenzie getting to sleep in when I don't
1. Feeling super fat and lazy.

TOP 10

10. BBQ Ribs
9. Driving a 45 foot vehicle without even thinking about it
8. my new Dansko Professional black patent leather clogs
7. Using Google Translate to make sure I can still speak French
6. Speaking French with francophone guests
5. Dr. Mario on Super Nintendo
4. Peanut Butter Chocolate malts from the Totem
3. Making money
2. the Atonement of Jesus Christ
1. Mackenzie Craig Morrison

1 comment:

  1. We miss you! I hope you are having the time of your lives. The pictures you post on Facebook are BEAUTIFUL and you look like you are having a wonderful summer. Keep the pictures coming. We love you. xoxox