30 May 2011


Kenz and I are finally getting settled into our jobs and everything is in full swing! The snow is pretty much melted and the leaves are coming out. Love it!

Before guests started showing up at the lodge, we had the opportunity to take a trip down to the McKinley lodge and stay the night, then take the train back up to Denali. Kenz stayed on the train and went up and stayed at the Princess lodge in Fairbanks. Here are a few pictures from our first few weeks up here.

Kenz just bein himself at the McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge.

Kenz and I on the deck at MPL about 40 miles away from Mt. McKinley-
you can see it behind us, it's a little shadowy though.

Train ride!! Love it. 

Kenz went and visited the Alaska Pipeline near Fairbanks

No, we're not at the northernmost Star Trek convention.
We got to go whitewater rafting on our first day off in 9 days.
These are the crazy looking dry suits we had to wear 
to protect us from the 38 degree water on the Nenana River,
which is glacially fed.

And we were still cold!

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