16 February 2011

Day of Hearts ♥

So Valentine's Day was FANTASTIC! It was my first official V-Day with someone I love, so I decided to go against my previously bitter, single, cynical self (ok, so I'm still cynical) and love the day of love. Here are some pictures of the surprises that Kenz and I did for each other:

I made Kenz's lunch and cut his sandwich bread into hearts with a cookie cutter :)

I put his lunch in this bag I decorated
I went out to my car afterward and found these beautiful flowers to surprise me ♥

After Kenz got back from work, we chilled and then went to dinner at Tucano's which was DELICIOUS, and they even let us use Kenz's birthday certificate so it was half price! They were also having a V-Day special featuring grilled shrimp, chocolate covered strawberries, and a rose for me. It was an awesome night and I am so grateful and so in love with my sweetheart Mackenzie Craig Morrison ♥


  1. amazing dearest! what a great day! too cute!

  2. Totally cool! What a great valentines day! Cindy was just asking about the two of you this morning. IT was fun to see this news after that.

    Have a great day!