10 March 2011

It's a me, Mario!

This is something I hear several times a day around here...coming from the TV, from the iPod, from my husband's lips. But it's OK because I love him and he's perfect for me :)

We've been super busy lately learning how to drive motor coaches and practicing for our CDL (Commercial Driver's License) tests, eating ice cream, and watching 24 (SO addicting- thank you, Netflix! And thank you Mom & Dad for letting us mooch off of their Netflix account so we can Watch Instantly!).

We are so excited to be heading up to Alaska in a couple of months! I CANNOT WAIT to show Kenz around.


  1. I love me some 24.

    I am so happy to hear that things are well with the Morrison's. We will miss you when you leave us for Alaska, but we will be happy to know that we will now have sweet perks for cruises :P

    Let's get together soon and celebrate our belated birthdays!

    Love you. xoxoxxo

  2. oh my gosh we totally mooch of the parents' online account too!!! yes

  3. Haha my parents smooch off ours!