03 April 2012

Life Keeps Going

It's been almost a month since I last blogged! Dang. Some updates of the past month, in pictures:

Our dear, sweet Gracie died after just 2.5 months of being a part of our family. 
We don't really know how she died; she had a bunch of seizures, 
we took her to the vet, they didn't know what was wrong, 
and then she died in her sleep a few hours later. 

Kenz and I enjoyed a quick little spring break trip to Seattle.
We found a totally legit Gelateria next to Pike Place.

We also went to the Aquarium, which was awesome! 
We saw a bunch of cool stuff that I didn't take pictures of.

We also found a pretty legit Boulangerie at Pike Place. 

Here I am eating my Orangina and baguette sandwich,
happy as a clam :)

I told Kenz to "look French" haha

Love Pike Place.

I also made some crafts, and am in the middle of several
projects right now.

I made this bunting/mustache pillow for my brother in law's gf
Kristeen. She loves mustaches!

I made this scarf out of a T shirt for an activity I did with the Beehives.

Finally, yesterday we adopted this little gentleman from the shelter!
His name's Bruce and he is not housebroken, so that's the next
big thing we'll be doing this month!


  1. Your dog is so cute! And Kenz, nice face. Haha. I miss you guys - come craft with me sometime.

  2. Ali! Your hair looks so nice!