27 December 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas here in Moses Lake. A couple days before the day, Kenz and I decorated a gingerbread house and it looks AWESOME. Kenz even cut a little door in it with his dremmel tool he loves. I surprised him with a little Boise State blue and orange tree, because he wanted our main tree to be blue and orange but I vetoed that idea. Next year we're waiting to get everything until a couple days before Christmas, cause EVERYTHING is on sale! I bought a couple more cute ornaments to put on our tree.

Christmas Eve we went over to Craig & Deb's and ate crab legs and prime rib. YUM. It was a great Christmas and we got a ton of awesome stuff. Kenz got me some mason jars, which were on my list to craft with, as well as an awesome Ansel Adams Denali puzzle and a bunch of other awesome things. Morrisons got Kenz a drill and a table saw which is also great for me and my crafts (hehe) and my mom and dad totally spoiled us with tons of gifts (as seen in the picture below). My favorites from them were probably the mustard and gray infinity scarfs my mom made me, CHARTREUSE CUPCAKE SOCKS from Forever 21, movie tickets to AMC in Spokane, super cute peacock earrings from H&M, and some mint green nail polish which I plan on applying after I blog this!

Christmas Day I participated in the Sacrament program at church, where I sang a small solo on "Mary Did You Know?"Awesome compliment, said to Kenz: "When I heard her singing up there, I thought she could have done a lot better [marriage-wise]!" haha. It was a great program and a testimony that PRAYER WORKS, because the choir actually sounded really good, which is not usually the case haha.

Look how spoiled we are! This is our little tree with 
 our presents to each other and from the Giblettes

Kenz carving the awesome door out of our 
awesome gingerbread house

Not gonna lie, best gingerbread house ever made :)

Blue and Orange tree I surprised Kenz with

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