13 December 2010

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

I was trying to think of something to put as my title when I realized that today is the 13th, which would be 12 days until Christmas!

Today I took my first final at 7am. I did a lot better than expected, especially because my "studying" consisted of making flashcards at 10pm last night and 5am this morning. Didn't study them, just made them.

I'm excited for Christmas!  Especially to go home and see my family. I love life with Kenz, but it'll be nice to have more than one person to play games with! I've gotten almost all of my gifts ready. Finals and then the drive back with Ethan on Friday and then time to relax! Except not really haha. I've got a bridal shower and our open house and all that jazz so we'll see.

I feel boring and blabbering. I'm going to make a dish that my trainer taught me on my mission and I ate for 18 months straight. It's made with cous cous and chicken and veggies and it's delicious! So fun being a wife :)

Tomorrow night we're going to look at the light display in Spanish Fork and getting holiday shakes from Arctic Circle! Great life.

Listening to: Kate Nash- My Best Friend is You

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