07 December 2010

First Post, How Exciting

I always told myself that I wouldn't start a blog until I was married, because my single life wasn't interesting enough...so we'll see if my married life is ;) Maybe it's also because I didn't feel like I was legitimate enough as a single person for people to care what was going on in my life. For whatever reason, I'm married now so here it is. Also, I'm horrible at journaling so this should be a suitable replacement.

We've (I've) finally gotten everything unpacked in our new place, which is SUCH a relief because I'm completely OCD about clutter and straightening things up, and finals are next week so now I don't really have any excuses not to study! We've even got a little 12 inch Christmas tree and ugly tinsel wreath that I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot- LOVE that place. Magical. We're having a few friends over Saturday night so luckily everything is arranged. 

Today I need to do laundry, go get my contacts from Sam's Club, bring Mackenzie his lunch, write a paper, put the dishes away, and work on Christmas presents. Wives are busy. 

My Top 3 List for today: Hobby Lobby,  Slatkin & Co Mint Chocolate candle from Bath & Body Works, sunflower seeds (because there are things keeping  your mouth occupied but you're not really eating).

Listening to: Mannheim Steamroller- Christmas Sweet Memories


  1. Yay for blogs!!! I am so, so happy that you are a "real" live married person so that we can keep up with you :P
    Love you! xoxoxox

  2. Happy to see you are well and back in Utah. When do you leave for Christmas break? We guess you are doing well, it sounds like it by your blog. We hope married life is great. We are so happy to have you in our family. We love you both, grandma and grandpa Morrison oxoxoxox