09 April 2012

20 Random Facts

So you can go read the post before this to find out why I'm recording the answers to 30 questions here on my blog. Today is question #1: List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I can drive a bus
2. I have crowd surfed
3. I beat a boy at Guitar Hero at a BYU Guitar Hero tournament
4. I like escargot
5. I speak, read, and write French fluently
6. I broke my elbow skateboarding on a half pipe
7. My first kiss was in a vegetable cooler
8. I have never done a back flip on a trampoline
9. I have been to 24 states
10. I didn't have a "real" (non-goldfish, non-hamster) pet until I was 17
11. I have flown First Class
12. My knuckles don't pop easily
13. I am obsessive about cleaning
14. I hate washing my hair
15. I learned to ski in Minnesota, even though I lived in Utah until I was 10
16. I won an American Girl Doll from Radio Disney when I was 11
17. I went 17 years without throwing up
18. I cannot stand reading Charles Dickens
19. I have eaten cow tongue and loved it
20. I have never been to the Grand Canyon

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